The Face Of Fashion PR Has Changed A Lot

The Face Of Fashion PR Has Changed A Lot

Great interest in the sphere that person works in is vital. It is necessary that a person working in the fashion business has a passion for the fashion industry and a passion on the way that the industry is developing. It is mandatory for the ones who’re part of Fashion PR agencies have a passion for Fashion.

What fashion PR used to be

During the earlier days, there was more to Public relations than attending parties and representing the face of a specific trademark for the media. The sole concentration of a fashion PR company in India was working with righteousness and ensuring a spotless image of the trademark that it portrayed in a nice way.

Presently, students join their foremost occupation as PR with the expectation of attending parties and being really social nowadays. However, formerly such socializing wasn’t encouraged at all.

How things stand now

In the past decade, the thin line between PR and advertising has blurred. Content marketing and PR are very alike in nature. It would be right to say that they represent the two sides of a coin. A good number of people believed that the advent of social media would make PR become irrelevant. Instead, PR began using diverse approaches than the long-established techniques of publicity and engagement.

Just some years back, the hosting of a fashion show and the featuring of an album of the show of the designer was adequate. Things have changed and merely being social and a constant presence on Instagram is not likely to serve the reason for being a Fashion PR.

At present, the impact of digital median end users have gathered momentum. This is an area where good fashion PR Company in India is learning to get a strong knowledge of fashion together with advertising. This is going to be of help in advising the customer regarding the advertising plan and PR tactics.

What makes an ideal Fashion PR agency?

A good fashion PR Company in India works for giving words to the designer’s inventiveness and showcasing it to the world. PRs from the fashion business must be able to have confidence in the idea of a designer and work in its direction.

This is true not with standing the fashion Working woman behalf of a commercial trademark or a more specific designer trademark. On many occasions, designers display a greater amount of inventiveness than PR. Thus, it’s necessary to observe and recognize the requirements and idea of the designers.

The importance of focusing on the designers cannot be undermined in any way. They form the base of the fashion business. It is a fact that Business associates and other individuals who have a range of skills also form a part of the industry. However, with no designers fashion would be non-existent. It is the job of a fashion PR company to aid these designers.


The job of a PR company does not end with presenting the designers with a platform for exhibiting themselves. The PR Company must also do everything it can for projecting the designers and creating a trademark value for them.

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