How the Tech Industry can benefit from being PR friendly

When it comes to the technology industry and crisis management, there is one exceptional rule that must be followed. It should be a strategy as full proof and powerful, that it can all but ensure that your company can withstand any and every scandal. This is how we can achieve this proposition. The premier rule that tech PR Services follow is: Never be the one to share information. There are companies out there that surely follow this important rule and swear by silence at the best of times. And, if this is followed to the letter, this can be quite the effective strategy. News cycles in the tech industry are short as it is, and when we take technology as a whole, consumers have a memory selectivity which falls short of convenience. The downside to hiding the communications process is that you get a reputation of being secretive which may not always be a good thing. This has resulted in many tech giants’ PR Services to move away from this rule and to embrace a transparency that they didn’t have before. What they have discovered, however, is that this transparency is a double edged sword. Consumers do want the transparency until they get all of it and see behind the scenes. A recent example, is an article that reveals, the experimental nature of Google’s newsroom, which was created to turn the most popular search results into content which may go viral. The algorithms guiding Google products have always remained a secret between guarded doors and so, they might have thought that this article was a good way to showcase the fun side of their tech. The article instead focused on the fact that the data they use had a bias in searching and filters, and negative queries in the search are filtered out to deliver more popular content.

Tech PR Bridging the Gap

For a good amount of time, a Public Relations Agency, has been treated as selfish and vain, where the publicist’s aims are to get the coverage for their client without giving, and only building a relationship with the aim of a positive portrayal of their clients in the public eye.  It is about time that a fresh take on the PR process is looked at. Instead of waiting to engage the customers at the moment their support is most needed, companies should have a more proactive approach and try to build these relationships as early as they can. The company’s PR activities should be a two-way street which is bound to create a lot of value. Both these types of engagements yield results but only one, the latter is useful in the long run as at the end you are left with a lasting trust from both customers and the market alike. The end goal of the latter is different from that of the former. A PR Professional works tirelessly to create valuable and long lasting relationships.

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