Points To Consider Before You Go For Custom Joomla Development

Are you trying to customize the nature of Joomla development that you are going to have? If your intention is such, then you must read through before you settle on having such customization. As you read through you will know what nature of customization that you can have and how to have it.

The Nature Of Joomla Customization Available

  1. There are various natures of customization pertaining to Joomla.
  2. It is for you to decide what nature of custom Joomla development you desire to have.
  3. Your requirement must be based on your requirements. The types of customization that can be had are:
  • Joomla e-commerce of any nature which will help to incorporate shopping carts, membership mechanism, registration of events and the like.   
  • Customization that is required for addition of many 3rd party extensions by other vendors.
  • API Integration which will help you with solutions, the systems, and various applications which are outside of Joomla.
  • Customization that will help to work with JomSocial, CiviCRM, JoomlaLMS and such others.
  • Have customized Joomla extensions.
  • Use Joomla Lister and have customized eBay certified integration.


These are some of the customizations that you can wish to have. However, the main problem is that we do not have the expertise or professionalism to make happen such customization. For having such effective customization, we require the help of reputed organizations offering such help.

How to Select the Best Organization for Customization?

As always many such reputed organizations are offering you that nature of services. The below considerations will help you to select the best from amongst them.

  1. The best organization must be having professionals who are experts in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS, and HTML.
  2. The average experience that professionals attached to such organizations must be over six years about Joomla CMS.
  3. Joomla should be their favorite CMS.
  4. This will ensure that their knowledge about everything pertaining to Joomla is up-to-date. Selecting such a company you can have the assurance of best customization according to the latest technologies available.
  5. They must be using project management and quality assurance testing tools to administer your projects effectively. This will ensure that you will have the best quality customization that you require.
  6. The selected company must be one on whom all rely when no one else can do particular customization.
  7. The company must be open-minded to work with other developers and web designers. This will enable you to have better teamwork between all those who are working on your site.
  8. The company must be such that have the capability to offer you quality services at an affordable rate. It must also be ensured that they do not compromise on quality to provide you with affordable services.

Select the best company keeping the above considerations in mind and have the best of customization that you wish to have for an extended period.

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