Digital Parenting Tips to Protect Children Privacy on Social Media Apps

The digital parenting tips are very necessary no time ever before. Because the contemporary world has provided children such tools that lead them towards such activities that was not possible a decade ago. If we look back for a while, parents only had to keep an eye on the peers of young kids and teens and the activities at playgrounds and couple other responsibilities which they have to perform for kids and teens bright future.

On another hand, in modern age kids and teens have the genie in the shape of cell phone and internet. Young children use the phone and internet gets their hands on the stuff that could be very dangerous for their health and as well as morally and ethically.

Why Digital Parenting is need of the hours!

The continuous adoption of the technology is making our lives comfortable, but on another hand, it has been created plenty of issues on which especially parents keep their eyes open. Parents provide kids and teens smartphones for calling them when they are coming out of school and for their protection when needed. But on another, the modern devices are leading the young generation towards the new trend rapidly such use of social messaging apps.

On these platforms, they send un-necessary text messages; do phone calls, view carnal content, shared media files such as photos & videos and audio and videos call on instant messaging apps. All these habits and unnecessary activities may lead a person towards follow mention things and towards the serious consequences.

Social Media Obsession 

Young children use smartphone initially and then make their social media accounts on various online apps such Facebook, Tinder, Yahoo, Vine, Line, Whatsapp, Snapchat and plenty of other social messaging apps. They start from texting and ends at sexting, they start from chatting and ends at the real-life meeting with strangers and they start from watching sexual explicit content and then get addict with carnal content. Having such type of activities throughout the day made them obsessed with social media.


They are the people who always want to play with the feelings of young kids and teens. The modern social media apps allow young kids and teens to meet online with the people and make them friends online.


Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is one of the most dangerous issues in the digital world. Online bullies chase young kids and teens on these instant messaging apps and bullied them by using sexual language, by sharing and editing target person shared photos and do pranks with the kids and teens. Cyber bullies are mentally frustrated people who have grudges and they found someone online to make their victim. Usually, young children are the most frequent victims of online bullies. There are some online bullies who do that type of things just for fun and when they get bored or they have nothing to do with their lives.

Carnal Content

Semi-nude photos and sexually explicit videos are present in the large number in the online world. When kids and teens make their accounts on the social messaging apps they got their eyes on the stuff and then start watching the carnal content and get addicted to it. This type of material harms kids and teens social, morally, mentally and spiritually.

Tips to protect Kids privacy on social media

Privacy is one of the major issues for young kids and teens when they are using social media platforms. The young users usually don’t aware of making privacy settings on the social media platforms and they often let their profile open. Resultantly, cyber bullies and stalkers chase them watching their age, date of joining social media app and the few added friends and they become the most wanted targets for the evils ones. There are parents need to keep their eyes on young kids and teens to protect them online having lack of privacy of social media accounts. Let’s discuss the how to protect the children privacy on social media accounts to protect them from all digital dangers.

Parents should be tech savvy

Parents should be tech-savvy in the modern digital world and this is the most alarming thing for parents. If parents are not tech savvy then the consequence would be worse and dangerous for kids and teens. They will not be able to know why kids and teens seem busy in the online world. Parents can become tech-savvy by leaning the art of using social media for their kids and teens and then guide them what is good and what is bad for them.

Don’t allow kids to share the location of phones

Tell your kids and teens that don’t your location on any social media platforms and tell them to make off their cell phone GPS all the time while using the online media on their cell phones. Guide them how to make privacy settings on cell phones.

Make sure to decrease the screen time

Make sure that your kids and teens don’t spend all the time on the cell phone screen. Make some ground rules and implement the rules strictly and violation can stop them using social media and cell phones.

Guide them how to make profiles custom

Guide your kids and teen to put their profiles at custom all the time to avoid from bullies and stalkers.

Use cell phone tracking software

Parents can also use cell phone monitoring software. That allows them to view IM’s logs chat conversations, get screen shot of the screen and record live calls and view shared media files.


The cell phone tracking app is the best tool to protect kids and teens from social media dangers and to protect privacies.

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