Absolutely Free Tools For Running Your Internet Marketing in LA

Internet marketing is progressively becoming more competitive and much more complicated. With the continuous shift in major search engines’ algorithms, you must be up and doing if at all you are to remain relevant and make money online. Everybody needs help to effectively implement and track their online marketing efforts. Here are everyday free tools that make your task much easier. They can be vouched for as they are all constantly being used by established webmasters.

Google analytics;

This is probably the mother of them all. You might as well forget about marketing if you do not track your marketing results. With Google analytics, you can get the best overview of your website’s statistics and several fundamental details that assist in tracking your online marketing campaigns.

Google keyword tool;

To win with internet marketing in Orange County, you must understand that your website is as popular as the number of eyeballs that view it. This is where the most searched keywords come into play. For you to know the most popular keywords and what online visitors are searching for using the mighty Google search engine, this is the most efficient tool. It enables you to carry out some huge market research in relation to search trends on Google’s search engine.

Browser shots;

Do you know that your website appears different according to browsers? This is a browser compatibility tool that enables you see how your website looks on various browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. Check newer versions with older versions – example, IE8 versus IE 6 – to get some actual comparisons. You might ask why you need to check older versions. Well, although IE6 was released in 2001 and is not totally CSS compliant, about 20% of web visitors still use it. It is much better to be safe than sorry with your Orange County marketing efforts wouldn’t you say?

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